Saint Pope SYNESTHESIA Preset

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Saint Pope GFI Synesthesia Presets

Hello. I’d like to start by thanking you for your interest and investment in these sounds. As an
artist/musician it is a very unique and special feeling when anyone shows interest in something
you’ve created. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Modulation has become such a big part of my sound in the last few years and I’m excited to
share some of the ways I use it in the music that I make. More often than not I tend to take a
“less is more” approach as I need these sounds to be usable in the context of a song. That
said, getting a little weird is kinda of what modulation is all about so I hope you’ll find these
sounds to be both usable and a little strange. There are a total of 8/16. (However you want to
look at it.) Enough to fill the entire first page of your device.

Most all of these sounds have been created in the “Cascade” DSP routing mode. This is
because I most commonly set up 1 preset to be 2 different sounds. For example, I like to call
up 1 preset and then switch the pedal into Stompbox Mode. This gives me the ability to turn
each effect off/off as needed. However, keeping in mind the flexibility of the Synesthesia pedal,
I’ve tried to pair up sounds that I think work well both together and separately so please use
them as such. Play around with these settings and find out how they can inspire and work for
you. They are as follows:

1) Tremerato - Tremolo and Vibrato are the two modulation effects I use most so this is the
first preset in my collection. I pretty much have one of each on all of my pedal boards
nowadays and I don’t see that changing any time soon! This pedal has one of the most
musical sounding tremolos and I’d be happy with this unit if it only did that one sound. That
said, the Vibrato is very clear and doesn’t make the guitar sound nearly as lo-fi as a lot of
other vibrato pedals I’ve played seem to.

2) 80’s Fade - Remember all those songs from the 80’s that had a bunch of chorus all over
them? Radio fades were kind of a thing too. I miss that. Anyways, I love a good chorus
sound and this pedal has a whole bunch of them. It was hard to pick but I eventually
settled on the Tri-Chorus setting. I then decided to pair it with the volume swell algorithm
because of all the volume knob swells going on around that time. They’re basically made
for each other. Also, I’ve really enjoyed not using my volume pedal for swells lately. Maybe
I’m just lazy but the consistency in swells is actually kinda great.

3) MayerCat - You can probably guess from just reading the title what this one is. And while
this is definitely the weirdo of the bunch, it might be my favorite. We all know John Mayer’s
auto-wah sound is just plain stupid. Stupid good. And for the rest of you weirdos out there
I threw in a phaser so you can get your Thundercat vibes on too. Have at it. Riffs and licks
and sexy town for days. And nights too.

4) OCTVCHPPR - Ok so for years now I’ve been trying to get a tremolo pedal to do a stuttery/
synthy sound in time with a song but it’s been pretty impossible to get it right without using
haccs. UNTIL NOW. Hit it with some good ol m1d1 clock and let er rip. This one especially
likes fuzz and power chords.

5) Underwater - Univibe is one of my favorite effects ever and there are so many things you
can use it for besides your dad’s Jimmy Hendrix cover band. The gulping sound it makes is
beautiful so I just had to make a Univibe preset. I like to use it with a little too much verb for
anything clean up high on the neck. To me, it sounds like the amp is in a swimming pool.
The tape flange just adds another level of cool to it. I seriously can’t wait to use this tone on
a recording.

6) Eddie’s Van - Yeah…so another artist-inspired preset. Or creepy uncle reference? You be
the judge. I’ll just say that I was really intrigued by the whole “slow phaser, reverb on one
side only” thing the EVH did so I dialed something kinda like that and BOOM. Sounds
awesome. (at least I think so) You don’t HAVE to use it for EVH kinda tones, lord knows I’m
no shredder, but it is great for distortion. It plays well with cleans too and sounds NEATO
with headphones.

7) InnerSpeaker - I think it’s safe to say that Tame Impala/Kevin Parker is a big reason why
modulation is cool for us all to use again. All the cool kids out there HATED on the phasers,
choruses, and flanger pedals until Tame Impala happened. Then they realized how stupid
they were. We all realized how stupid we were to not like those sounds! This is an homage
to a sound that kinda got me started in all of this and it turns out I actually super love using
it for clean and lo-fi tones. This one is cool for drums too if you like… wanna run your
drums thru it and stuff.

8) Gold Fish - No smiley snacks here. Just the smile on your face as you fall in love with this
sound. I happened across it while making some stuff up and it made me think of a little
gold fish swimming around inside my brain. No, I haven’t been listening to The Flaming
Lips, I’ve just been into harmonic trem lately and a lot of that has been me trying to find
something cool with it other than (poorly) ripping off Joey Landreth. I’m happy with the
result. I threw a little vibrato on it too. Think of the vibrato as the fish, and the trem as the
ocean. Maybe I’m losing it. Idk.

1) Save the download in your Finder.
2) Connect your pedal to the Symm Lab editor software.
3) At the top of the screen, click the “+” button on the local preset menu.
4) Select option two and then load your desired preset.
Thank you for purchasing this collection of sounds, I hope they inspire you to as fellow artists
and creators.

Michael Pope