Jackson Audio El Guapo Mateus Asato Signature Overdrive / Distortion Pedal

  • $349.00

Signature Mateus Asato British Amp-style Distortion

A collaboration between Jackson Audio and modern guitar hero Mateus Asato, the Jackson Audio El Guapo pours the sound a classic high-gain British tube amp into a meticulously crafted, feature-packed distortion pedal. Extremely versatile, El Guapo is packed with four clipping modes that serve up a range of tones, from blues rock to heavy metal. El Guapo includes Jackson Audio’s innovative gain cycle feature with four scalable maximum gain settings to add increasing intensity during a performance. Guitarists at Sweetwater were pleased to see a fully parametric three-band EQ on El Guapo, an immensely helpful addition that lets you dial in the perfect sound for any guitar and amp combination. Topping it all off is El Guapo’s TS-style overdrive, which pushes the distortion section into heavy clipping and screaming, liquid sustain. Jackson Audio’s intuitive design gives you easy access to El Guapo’s many features right on the box. But, if you’re into MIDI pedals, El Guapo’s got you covered, with full MIDI control over its multiple clipping modes and gain cycling feature. Tap into Mateus Asato’s signature sound with the El Guapo overdrive and distortion pedal from Jackson Audio!

Innovative gain cycle feature

El Guapo’s gain cycle mode is a standout feature not found on other distortion pedals. Essentially, it splits the maximum gain into four equal parts, which allows you to ramp up your crunch tones to fit the shifting dynamics of a performance. Start out with a light distortion, then get progressively heavier and heavier, until you reach maximum saturation. Throw the TS-style overdrive on top, and you’ll have an incendiary lead tone that burns up the stage.

Jackson Audio El Guapo Mateus Asato Signature Overdrive / Distortion Pedal Features:

  • Designed in collaboration with modern guitar hero Mateus Asato
  • Versatile distortion and overdrive pedal for serious tonechasers
  • Distortion side inspired by a classic high-gain tube amp
  • Overdrive side based on TS-style circuit
  • Four selectable clipping diode presets
  • Fully parametric 3-band EQ for flexible toneshaping
  • Innovative Gain Cycle mode with four scalable distortion settings
  • MIDI input for controlling parameters via an external footswitch
  • Rugged and compact brushed stainless-steel enclosure